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by Mehran Sahami, Professor (Teaching) of Computer Science, Associate Chair for Education


Stanford Computer Science 50th Anniversary Opening remarks by Alex Aiken, Alcatel-Lucent Professor

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wanted to be, which is that we are looking at Exploring Computer Science. Joanna's profile

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to teach young people computer science.

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Beth Simon has made computer science

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experience in computer science

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Hi, welcome to computer science on air in association with women tech makers


Introduction to our series on origin and history of Computer Science. The story of a collision

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from code.org in celebration of computer science education

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studies in computer science he's

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in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.

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the computer science curriculum

Selena Deckelmann

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BRITTNEY FRASER: Computer science is generally

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as AP Computer Science a solo

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do not teach computer science or

Hadi Partovi

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Hambrusch and Rich Schlesinger. Suzanne is a professor of Computer Science at Purdue


You don't need a 4-year degree to learn the best parts of computer science. Maybe you've seen

Jeffrey Cohen
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